Morning Light

I'm more of a night person than a morning person. Some evenings I suffer from fits of insomnia. After falling soundly asleep last Thursday, I woke up Friday morning around 4:00 am. I was wide awake and couldn't return to a restful dream state. I washed a load of clothes. Probably looked at some gardening blogs. Hmm, I can't recall much more.

At 7:00 am, I decided to go see how the flowers were doing. I put on a hoodie and hoped that none of my neighbors would observe me taking photos of the plants in my pajamas.
As I sat outside, peering at the blooms, the sun made its way overhead. Lighting larger and larger swaths of the flowerbed.
The light is so concentrated that the two ultraviolet salvias that I planted last summer were aglow. They replaced two Spanish lavenders that started to take over the small flower bed in my front yard. In less than a year they've grown to their full height. It's a hybrid that was introduced by Lauren Springer Ogden and Scott Ogden. I'm not sure if I love them, but they attract pollinators.
Some people find Mexican evening primroses invasive, but since I put in a drip system a few years ago, they don't seem to have spread so much. I enjoy the cascade of pink that doesn't require much attention.
I went to check out what was happening in the backyard. Some of the firecracker penstemon were translucent.  
I couldn't help taking more photos of the Missouri evening primroses. They seem more delicate in the morning. Alas, I had to get ready to go work.


  1. Fine words and images. I find the early hours of the day the best: private and calm, before much of the world is stirring. Annnd, this is prime time for photography.

  2. Morning light is so beautiful, it always gives me such a peaceful feeling. I love the photos!

  3. Love the combo of the pink and purple together. Very pretty.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I like the purple/lavender blooms in the first few pics. Hope you get some rest!

  5. I love your purple and pinks! Light can transform the way a garden looks, even if only for a few minutes. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time for taking garden photos, for sure. I am NOT an early morning person, so most of my shots are late in the day. But on occasion I have gotten early ones, and they are special.

  6. Your morning was so enlightening. Beautiful photos!!

  7. @Lee - I think I have a tougher time with the words than most bloggers so a heartfelt, thank you!

    @Adele - There is something calming and reflective about mornings. Wish I got up earlier to enjoy them more.

    @SG - Cher, the pink and purple work well together. Still iffy about the ultraviolet salvia though.

    @BL - Thanks, I've been sleeping better the last few nights.

    @debsgarden - I agree; the fleeting quality of the light makes some photos more special.

    @The Sage Butterfly - Thanks, it's nice to have a not so hurried morning once in a while.

  8. I go out early mornings in my pyjamas all the time to fluff my plants and see if they have grown another 1/4". I'm sure my neighbors are wondering. The firecracker penstemon is lovely.

  9. Your words make me smile... you are a woman after my own heart. Many mornings I'm out in my pj's snapping pics... it's my favorite time of day. The light through your blooms is stunning.

  10. @cgoodson51 and Carolyn <3 - Sometimes, I feel unduly obsessed with the garden. I look at it as soon as I get home from work. And hurray for pjs.

  11. Lovely photos - I really like that Missouri evening primrose. First thing I always do at work, at about 7.45am, is walk around with my camera. Definitely the best time, I think. And you didn't say - did the neighbours catch you?


  12. I too love the sun creeping across the garden. Some days the flowers seem to glow from within.

  13. @Dave - The Missouri evening primrose is one of my favorites. I bought two plants recently not realizing that I already had five planted.

    @GWGT - Donna, I thinks so, too. The sun can be so intense here, I probably could have started taking photos much earlier.


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