WFW - Texture and Pattern

I'm not a loquacious person, but I am a word junkie. Donna at Garden Walk, Garden Talk has a biweekly meme called Word For Wednesday (WFW). Her words for this week are Pattern and Texture.  
The concepts of both texture and pattern are intriguing. At what point does the pattern or texture decompose and become unrecognizable? 
Is the essence of the Jupiter's beard still there or has it become an abstraction? 
I've never noticed the pattern of silver lace vine going to seed until I started snapping photos for this WFW post. The photo is much blurrier than intended. Off to pack for short vacation, but I'm glad I got to participate in Word For Wednesday this week and hope to check out some other interpretations of the theme. 


The Buck Stops Here

My friend Kirsten sent me these photos a few days ago and I asked her if I could post them on my blog. She came up with the clever title in the email that she sent out. She lives within walking distance of the Garden of the Gods in Manitou Springs, Colorado and had unexpected visitor.
An excerpt from her email: Sunday before last, this guy was napping in our front yard. After a while (maybe because I was creeping around taking pictures of him) he got up and munched on the serviceberry bush out in front of our kitchen window before he took off.
Thanks to Kirsten for allowing me to post and collage her photos.
The coolest thing about blogging for me is vicariously seeing other places. Check out these beautiful fall photos from Bratislava on Daniela's blog, MIMI A JEJ SVET.
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