GBBD - September 2012

I'm ready for gardening season to wind down and to spend time cocooning in the fall and winter months. I've been curling up with mystery novels instead of pulling weeds. There have been intermittent afternoon and evening rains the last few weeks and my garden is soaking up all the moisture.  The late monsoonal rains have brought some late summer booms.
Everything is coming up salvia. I've had this raspberry delight salvia for years. My supervisor gave me a set of three and this is the only one that is left. Hers are everblooming, but mine only blooms in the late summer. I'm not sure if it's a lack of water or fertilizer. It complements the white gaura that grows next to it.
I planted the Pat Vlasto salvia in the spring. I think they will be favorite when they grow in more. They have a melon/watermelon color. I only saw them once at the nursery and they weren't available on any of my return trips. I can't wait to see what a whole bush of them will look like.
The ultra violet salvia is so dependable. It has teeny tiny flowers, but it blooms all the time. I can't recall what the other salvia is. It's a zone 7 that might not come back next year, but sometimes a good sale is hard to resist.
The salvia azurea (prarie sage) is lovely blue color. I planted them a few weeks ago and they're blooming up a storm. My apologies for all the blurry photos. Salvia flowers are too tiny for my point and shoot camera to handle.

I'm joining Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Special thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting. Please check out what's blooming in other parts of the country and in other parts of the world.
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