More Poppies Please

Unfortunately, today nor any of the last few days was the day the wind stood still. But the wind did make for some breathtaking poppy (Papaver Orientale) photos.

The poppy above is from my favorite plant. The blooms can be the size of saucers. The plant can be leggy with a tendency to fall over, but the lack of moisture this year made for a perfect size plant.
Sometimes, maintaining the backyard feels like too much work. I try to divide the yard into smaller workable sections. But other days I do a happy dance because of blooms like the ones above.

I've never had so many blooms at the same time before on one plant. Hurray for late spring!


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  2. Wow, those blooms are huge! Love the vivid colors. How long have you had the plants?

  3. I love these poppies but somehow mine always seem to die out after a few years. Yours are beautiful.

  4. @uhooi - Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to meet you! Went and checked out your blog.

    @Bumble Lush - I think the plant is seven or eight years old. It has a sister that I planted at the same time, but has a different growth habit and the blooms are not as big.

    @Carolyn - I've tried other poppies in the backyard, but to no avail. It's one of my longest lived plants.


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