Happy Early Mother's Day!

I love all the seasons, but spring is my least favorite in Santa Fe because of winds of up to 70 mph and unpredictable weather. This year Mother Nature has been more temperamental than in springs past. It was 70 degrees today. However on Sunday, it was 26 degrees and tiny snowflakes fell as I grilled veggies for dinner.
Christian Dior Hybrid Tea Rose and Penstemon Pseudospectabilis
I live in Zone 6, but I seem to be able to plant Zone 7 plants on the south side of my house. The Christian Dior rose was doing great until the snow flurries on Sunday. It usually rebounds. The photo above was taken before the snow this week.
Penstemon Pseudospectabilis
The shadows look like happy dancers in the late afternoon light. My penstemon pseudospectabilis (Desert Beardtongue) always provides some Spring cheer. The blooms are smaller than usual because there seems to be a cold snap every time I plan to fertilize. I guess the fish fertilizer will have to wait!
Eschscholzia Californica (California Poppy) and Aquilegia Chrysantha ???? (Columbine )
One of the many blessings of gardening is that other gardeners share their wealth. My friend, Patria gave me one of her columbine volunteers over eight years ago and it performs on cue around Mother's Day every year. The original plant was a gift to Patria from her daughter. Happy early Mother's Day to all the moms I know!


  1. I'm still unhooking tree branches from around each other after Sunday's wind. Enough already! I wish our winds were named, like the chinook, or the Santa Anas, or the Mistral or something.

    You really are about to convince me to grow more penstemon. Those are gorgeous!

  2. What a great idea to name the spring winds! I'm fond of Astraeus.

    Penstemons are easy! Give it a try.

  3. Your flowers look lovely. I grow a lot of penstemons too - they are some of my favorite plants. California poppy, too :). I hope your rose comes back from the freeze - you have had some wild weather!

  4. Masha, yes I'm ready for the last frost date, May 15th! We used to drive by fields of California poppies when I lived there. What a sight!


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