Chocolate Maven

I went to the Chocolate Maven for breakfast this morning. It's a perennial favorite in Santa Fe. I love the German chocolate cake here! I didn't have my camera with me today so the photos below are taken with my phone. 

Today the chef's special was a crab cake sandwiched in poached eggs with grilled artichokes. The presentation was beautiful, but I don't think I'll order it again. It was salty and not as tasty as the crab cakes in Baltimore.
It's a fun place to go! There's a big plate glass window in front of the bakery and you can watch the bakers roll the dough into these delicate shell-like creations. Or you can go up the spiral staircase and sit upstairs.

His hands moved so quickly. It's like having an individual sculpture made just for you! 

Yum, have a croissant. Try an almond, chocolate, plain or sun dried tomato one.


  1. Bradford pears have lots of big, low, heavy limbs that stick almost straight out. It's hard for the trunk to support them when they get covered in snow or ice, so they break off. A well-trimmed Bradford pear is a beautiful and sturdy tree, but a lot of people don't take good care of theirs.

  2. Owen,

    Thanks for the info on Bradford pears. They're so pretty in all four seasons.


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