Sunflowers for Daniela

A fellow blogger, Daniela from Bratislava on her blog, MIMI A JEJ SVET (Mimi and her World) posted some photos of invasive sunflowers a few weeks ago. I thought that the same sunflowers grew in Santa Fe. Alas, no. The sunflowers that grow here have a different petal shape.
The flowers above look like they're related to coreopsis and are an allergen. Someone at the dog park said they're related to ragweed. Ahchoo! 

I took the photos outside of my office on a windy day with my phone so unfortunately they're blurry. 


  1. Hi Theta,
    it is a beautiful surprise on Sunday morning. Thank you very much for sharing of my blog. You're right, sunflowers are a bit different. I send a lovely greeting from Bratislava!

  2. I love this magic of blogging, that you can compare the two an ocean away! XOLaura

  3. They are pretty. Apparently spreading by seed. Lots of things that grow up here that people call weeds are very pretty flowers.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Just looking at the photos makes my nose start to wiggle!

  5. @Mimi and Laura - Yes, I agree. It is magical that you can see a slice of life that is so far from you, but still have similar interests.

    @Sunray - Sometimes, the flowers are waste high. This year they formed a carpet not much more than ankle high.

    @Patricia - Such pretty flowers that start the fall allergy season.


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