Back to the Books

My next project management class started about two weeks ago so I haven't had much time for blogging. Where I live most of the fall color is golden or yellow. However, there are some trees outside my office building that have caught my eye recently because of their reddish hue. The leaves seem like they're suspended in mid-air like an Alexander Calder mobile.


  1. Pretty colors. My Papermark Maple is just starting to show red on a few leaves. Hope your class is going well.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Beautiful autumn collage. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  3. The Calder analogy is perfect :)

  4. @Sunray - Cher, I love maples. I look forward to seeing your post on your Papermark.

    @Mimi - Daniela, thanks for commenting in English. Google doesn't always do a good job of translating, but I'm glad it exists. Have a great weekend, too.

    @Patricia - Thanks, I haven't seen a Calder in a while so nature provided one for me. I was drawn to the floating aspect of the leaves.

  5. Something to google translation: I know that Google does not translate correctly. I found it in the translation from/into German. Translation English/Slovak consider not know, but as you write, thanks for Google Translator :-)
    Ahoj Daniela

  6. Very pretty - like a painting. Good luck with your class!

  7. @Mimi - Glad the German translation works for you.

    @Holley - Thanks, I should be hitting the books now.


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