The Blistering Wind

... is an annual sign of spring in Central and Northern New Mexico that I have blissfully ignored for most of the last 20 years. It's not a susurrus gently beckoning in my ear, but more like unseen waves crashing against me. The wind causes trees to flag so that all the branches face in one direction and are devoid of their natural symmetry. 
One day I'm eating eggs Benedict for brunch and it's 70 degrees outside. And the next, there's a sirocco causing my head to feel like a barometer. 

Blackstone Benedict

A twist on traditional eggs Benedict, avocado and grilled tomatoes instead of Canadian bacon. 


  1. What have you been watching Julia Julia? May bee I'll send you her cook book.

  2. I wish I could cook that! I went out to brunch with a friend.


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