Eldorado Garden Tour

It's garden tour time again. Last weekend I attended the third annual Eldorado Garden Tour. There were seven gardens, including the Eldorado Community Garden to visit. I made it to four of the seven gardens. My camera was acting up and some of my photos did not register as jpg images and were lost. Below are photos of my favorite garden on the tour.
I walked into the front courtyard of the house and was greeted by a monolithic fountain. I was taken aback by how imposing it was. I wasn't sure what to expect from the rest of the garden, but was instructed to make a counterclockwise loop around the house so off I went scurrying with the rest of the mice.
The courtyard entrance belied what the rest of the garden look liked. Turn the corner and you find a well appointed outdoor kitchen. There is more room on the granite counter top than counter space in my galley kitchen at home. I love the fire pit and wish I had taken a close up photo. This is one of the many seating areas throughout the garden. It's right off the kitchen so the owners can entertain here.
Around the corner from the dining area, the home owners built a garden oasis of terraced beds.
The landscaping closer to the house has fountain that's hidden by the sculpture. 
What's in the right corner of this photo? Is it the chupacabra? The chupacabra is a mythical creature that sucks the blood of goats that finds itself in stories on the local news when nothing else is newsworthy.
No, just some reed reindeer.
The garden had lots of eclectic garden ornaments interspersed throughout.
The flagstone and thyme patio winds around the garden and leads to an enclosed courtyard.
One of the owners had a display of before photos that showed dirt around the house and nothing else. She exclaimed how delighted she was when the slab for the dining area was poured. She must have told the story to many garden visitors throughout the day and relayed the story to me excitedly at almost four in the afternoon. I could tell from her exuberance that the garden was a labor of love. 


  1. What a fun way to spend the day visiting gardens. That flagstone and Thyme path is gorgeous. The talent put together these gardens.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Nice landscaping and garden accents! That funky plant thing by the stones... is it real or a sculpture?? That's pretty cool.

  3. I love going on garden tours and finding inspiration. It looks like these homeowners have really done a lot to their garden. It is lovely. I too like the thyme pathway and all the hardscaping. The pops of bright color make it look very happy!

  4. I looked at the website. It could be an interesting open day. I love the gardens although I do not any own. I watched in our TV american series Flip This House, in which was been together with the house and gardens reconstructed. I really liked it.

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  6. Your pictures are great! It looks like that was a great garden tour. I love how these gardens have a southwestern flair (plant pallet as well as colors and style). Too many folks here in DFW try to make their gardens look like the ones in the northeast. When we finally start construction on what we are calling our "dry garden" I hope I can capture that same feeling. Very inspirational.

  7. The paving is beautifully done and you are right, this really is a garden oasis.

  8. I love gardeners that passionate. :o) Great tour!

  9. Warto takie piękne ogrody oglądać, bo można coś ciekawego zobaczyć i zrobić to w swoim ogrodzie. Pozdrawiam.
    It is such beautiful gardens to watch, because you see something interesting and do it in your garden. Yours.

  10. What a wonderful tour! I love the flagstone and thyme patio. And the use of terraces was very smart. How wonderful to meet an excited gardener, too. I always love to see what people create from a blank slate.

  11. I love the terraces--seeing plants "dripping" down a wall always makes me think of cool water. The allium seed heads are wonderfully Dr. Seuss with the tufts of blue fescue! Also, I am lusting after that chaise longue. Thanks for sharing the tour with us.


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