Think Warm Thoughts

It snowed last week in Santa Fe and it's been bitterly cold. I could feel the chill through my fleece lined winter pants when I walked Aster on Friday. However, around the Thanksgiving holiday I went to Orlando, Florida for a visit with my family. I have two aunts and an uncle who live there.
When I used to wait for the morning bell to ring in high school, my classmates and I would huddle around in the cold damp air and think warm thoughts. We would talk about sitting beside a fire or feeling the radiant heat of the sun on a sandy beach or drinking hot cocoa. Thoughts about the the warmth I felt in Florida a few weeks ago will carry my through the cold Santa Fe winter.
My Mom and Aunt humored me and accompanied me to the Harry P. Leu Gardens. It was a balmy 75 degrees most of the time I was in Florida and I could use a little of that heat now.
I wonder if it weren't for Monet if we would still have the same appreciation for water lilies that we do? This could probably be filed under "things that make you go, hmm."
Happy Winter Solstice! I hope everyone stays warm this winter and if you're cold try thinking warm thoughts. 


  1. I'm trying... but it's still snowing ;-)

  2. No snow here but we have lots of cold rain...it looks lovely..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  3. So far no really serious snow but I know it's going to make up for the late arrival.

    That is one serious looking tree. Love all the trunks
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. What a change in temperatures! How nice for you to get a little thawed out, at least for a short while. How nice, too, that you got to go visit some gardens when you were in Florida. That's warmth for the gardener's soul.

  5. @Patricia - We're expecting some more tonight. Last night I thought my heater would never turn off.

    @Donna - Merry Christmas to you, too!

    @Sunray - Cher, glad you're keeping warm. I think it's a mandrake, but I'm not sure.

    @Holley - It really is. I'm glad my family went with me, too and enjoyed it also.

  6. It has been raining daily and I do feel cold especially at night. Today we have some sun. This is funny because I am living in a tropical country and I have never looked forward to the sun like I do now. Haha! Hoping that your winter is less harsh this year. Warm thoughts...

  7. Jednego dnia śnieg, następnego w innym miejscu, takie piękne kwiaty. Wspaniałe. WESOŁYCH ŚWIĄT.

  8. We are having snow again today, so being in Florida right now sounds pretty good. It looks like you had a nice trip visiting gardens. Their plant life always reminds me of a walk through the botanical gardens, something I like to do on a snowy day.

  9. Hmm. Not too sure about those particular water lilies. Hmm indeed but there are many others that I do love. A very happy Christmas to you, 'Sprout (if I may be so informal) - keep warm.


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  11. So strange, you are getting our winter weather, and up here in MI we've had such mild temps in Nov & Dec. La Niña I guess... Water lily flower always seem perfect to me, like they aren't even real.

    Happy Holidays!!

  12. Even though it has been in the 50s and 60s here, I envy you your trip to Florida. When I am able to get away to someplace warm for a week or so, it makes a huge difference in my attitude for the res of the winter. Happy Holidays, Carolyn

  13. @One - I start to miss the sunshine when I don't see if for long. Hope it warms up for you, too. Thanks for the fave.

    @Giga - It's very cold here now so I hope my warm vacation will keep me going these next few months. Merry Christmas!

    @GWGT - Donna, I had a great time at the gardens. There was a lovely rose garden, too with roses the size of saucers.

    @Dave - Happy Christmas to you, too. I wish the water lilies were blooming when I visited, but loved the texture of all the lily pads.

  14. @Dmitry - Thanks for the holiday wishes. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    @charlie b. - I've never seen so many water lilies in one place before. I'm surprised at your mild weather. Enjoy it while you can.

    Happy Holidays to you and your husband, too.

    @Carolyn - The warm weather was a plus in Florida. I'm also glad I got to see lots of family, too.

    Happy Holidays!

  15. It feels nice to see these bright flowers in the cold winter.

    Wishing you and yours a cheerful, Merry Christmas!


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