Sunflowers at the Dog Park

I spend many an evening at the dog park with my dog, Aster. It has many amenities and I call it the country club dog park. It's completely fenced in, so I don't have to worry about Aster running off. The sunsets are amazing and last year there were some terraced flower beds put in. In two of the beds, the Maximilian sunflowers are starting to bloom and the sky had begun to darken at dusk.
Aster's other favorite place is my friend Susan's, where her pal, Guinness lives. The allium is growing in Susan's garden


  1. It's nice to have some pretty to look at when going to a park. The Allium is really pretty.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Parks around here are so large and squirrel infested, I could never take my dogs off leash. The other thing too is that they liked to swim and I doubt they would have thought twice about jumping in the rapids. It is nice you have a pretty and safe place to go with Aster.

  3. @Sunray - Cher, I like the white allium a lot. I have some seeds that my friend gave me, but haven't tried planting them yet.

    @GWGT - Donna, it's so great to have a fenced in area for Aster to run and not runaway.

  4. Beautiful flowers. I'm surprised the dogs at the dog park have allowed them to live, if you know what I mean. ;)

  5. I really like the way you put your lovely photos together in a collage. And the dog park sounds so fun :)

  6. that's beutifully..
    very nice pic..

  7. @Your Gardening Friend - The flower beds are outside of the fence, so they're relatively protected. Otherwise, I'm sure the dogs would do more damage to them.

    @HH - I have a lot of fun putting the collages together.

    @farah - The sunflowers were so pretty that night.

  8. Lovely! glad that Aster got to go to the park...my poor dog hasn't gotten a "vacation" in a long time! We used to take him out on the boat before we had kids. :) And the white allium...I hope you can get the seeds to germinate! It's gorgeous.

  9. pretty flowers :) thanks for sharing!
    happy weekend!

  10. the allium is gorgeous and spreads quickly, I have the pink and white variety growing.

  11. Je na tvojich fotografiách tento cesnak?
    U nás kvitne v marci.

  12. @Hanni - I hope I get it to germinate, too. I have to take Aster to the dog park or she has too much energy.

    @Angel - Thank you!

    @Sissy - Pink is so pretty. I think it's almost time to buy bulbs.

    @Mimi- Thanks for sharing your post. The fields are amazing.


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